The third day

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And on the third day, the infamous and all-powerful Z-A-DOUBLE-Q unleashed a barrage of music links, the likes of which his blog had never seen.

The first is Crotchduster, an obscene and oddly hilarious blend of… well, just listen.

Next is The Algorithm, a math metal/electronic band that put out some pretty wicked beats.

Marissa Nadler’s music is depressing.  Good, but depressing.

Hellveto is a good band if you’re into Black Metal.  It strays from the traditional black metal style while still maintaining the medieval church burning spirit of BM.

If you like electronic stuff, then you’d benefit from exposure to ESA.  It’s harsh, awesome, and best listened to with ten foot subwoofers.

It’s probably been far too long since you’ve done a jig. So: Lunasa.

And to top it all off, the solo project of Ihsahn (of Emperor).  The distorted and dissonant guitars blended with the sax will rupture your music gland, guaranteed.


I’ve got some bad news….

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For those of you who don’t know, the world is ending in 2012.  December 21st, in fact.

Those NASA fools (who posted their lies here) have no idea what they’re talking about.  They are a government-funded organization, and as such depend on the people’s confidence to succeed. Who in their right mind is going to pay taxes if the world is ending  in less than two years? Not me.  The money-grubbing hypocrites are just in it for themselves, don’t believe their lies!

Furthermore, Nostradamus predicted the apocalypse.  And so did the Mayans. And the Book of Revelation.  How could anyone argue with such infinitely wise sources such as a sixteenth century apothecary, a society that knew how many days it takes for the earth to orbit the sun (who cares if they had no idea what use the wheel could be? Isn’t planning dates more important than traveling and moving goods efficiently?), and God himself?!

NASA knows full well how the sun, the ancient Mayan calendar, the book of revelation, and even Yellowstone National Park are conspiring against us- but what do they do?  They fabricate this false evidence and use fancy vocabulary to trick the masses.  They’re not to be trusted! Even the moon landing of 1969 was a hoax.  Why, you might ask? Money. All these ‘scientists’ and ‘physicists’ want is a nice, fat paycheck from the government- which means the government is also in on it.  Why would they let a lie like that pass without their own slice of the pie?  They’re living it up while they still can…. But who can blame them?

We only have six hundred and ninety-four days left before our gruesome, agonizing demise.  So I suggest all of you promptly adopt a hedonistic way of life.  Do whatever you please!  Be it raping, or killing, or overdosing on various illicit substances, help yourself.  What is our corrupt and greedy government going to do? Imprison you? It would be less than a two-year sentence.  Would they give you the death penalty?  Well, you’re just a few hundred days ahead of everyone else.

Live it up, folks. It’s common sense.  You know the truth, who are they to tell you otherwise?

Dig it.

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Guess what, America?  You’re not beautiful.

Or at least your education system isn’t.

I’ve been searching for a college recently.  The two I’ve researched thus far are CU Boulder and CSU.  I emailed admissions counselors for both, inquiring about early graduation, admission requirements, etc.  One of the admissions counselors said that my if my GPA stayed the same, then I would have a “small chance of being admitted”.  Hm. Well, it sounds reasonable, right?  If one’s GPA is too low, they won’t be accepted.  Getting into college isn’t a right.  Right?

Sure.  The problem, however, is that my GPA was the only bit of information that this admissions counselor had about me.  GPA. That’s it. No test scores, no knowledge of the classes I’m taking, nothing. Just GPA.  And yet, they felt confident saying I would have a “small chance of being accepted.  This is a serious problem for me.  On my PSAT, I scored in the 98th percentile for critical reading.  I scored Advanced in a majority of the CSAP tests.  And GPA is enough to turn me away?

Keep in mind, my GPA isn’t a -39.34 or something ridiculous.  It’s slightly low, but not horrendously.  But apparently enough to turn me away.

The whole system is flawed.  GPA is a measure of a few things- partially work ethic (provided that the person cares), partially ability, and partially organization.  A person who lacks in any of those can be severely short-changed.  That said, far too much value is placed on grades.  Not only in my scenario, but in many others- A friend of mine scored in the high 90th percentile overall on the PSAT.  And his GPA?  Somewhere between 1.0 and 1.5.  A letter grade is in no way indicative of a person’s intelligence or ability to succeed.

So then, why is it so important?

We need some form of measurement. Without a method of placing value on a student, how could we possibly compare ourselves to others?  How could  we possibly tell the unmotivated or unwilling that they need to work harder?  How could we possibly impose our societal values on children without letter grades?

How odd-  in a country that is supposedly based off of freedom and equality, we teach out children that some of us are better than others because of a letter on a piece of paper.  How odd that we indoctrinate our young to appeal to an authority figure.  How odd that we can be judged and rated by strangers (who have power over our future, by the way) from a few letters on a piece of paper.

The beginning….

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This, my friends, is the beginning of something beautiful.  This is the beginning of unadulterated thought and feeling in word form.

What I intend to post here is none of my concern; What will be posted will be posted.

And so it begins.

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