The Rapture

So the issue of apocalypse and cosmic change has come up once more.

According to some sources, the Rapture is scheduled to occur tomorrow: May 21st, 2011. They cite the bible and the ‘mathematics’ therein (By the way, it seems as if the authors’ math skills were somewhat lacking…).

So this sucks, right? Everything we’ve been working for on the planet is going to be demolished by the hand of some  megalomaniac in the sky?

Well. It gets worse.

May 21st, 2011 is 5/21/11.

Using the digits of that date, a hidden message can be revealed…

5+11+2+1= 19. S is the nineteenth letter of the alphabet.

5, clearly the most important number in the date, corresponds to the letter E.

21+5-1-1= 24… X.

52,111 divided up into its alphabetical counterparts, is 5,2,1,11. EBAK.

All of this is meaningless unless you put it together.

SEXEBAK.  In modern terms? SexyBack.

Justin Timberlake is coming back to judge us all- by how attractive we are.

Repent your aesthetic sins, ye UgLi and deformed! The end is nigh for the homely.


~ by ZAdoubleQ on May 20, 2011.

One Response to “The Rapture”

  1. I think that conclusion might be even more frightening than the world ending in a sea of flames!!! Thanks for the chuckles!

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