Frozen Teeth in Capitalist Hell

My teeth are cold.
Damn cold.  It feels like I just took a bite out of Frosty the snowman.  It’s all the tiny ice-centipedes that Hillary Clinton’s been paying Sam Fisher to sneak into my food and beverage, so that they thaw ever so slightly and wreak thermal havoc on my pearly whites.

Right? Wrong…… Right? Wrong? Right.

Right and wrong have not the easily deciphered hands of a clock. They are infinite and vague, never objective and always subjective. But the concept itself hardly lends itself to relativity….

Once again, the crossroads of decision have conquered me.

Morality, like the slippery enigma that it is (not?), has escaped my wandering mind.


~ by ZAdoubleQ on May 12, 2011.

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